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Pokémon Sun Review: New Reality With Old Character

Download Pokémon Sun and join those who love this character and are ready to spend hours looking for it and learn new places. But in addition to the common challenges, you will find out the story of Mystery Pokemon. What is it all about? Just start playing, and you will know the details.

Graphics: 5

Graphics are so fantastic that you should play it already because of that. Here you will definitely like the realistic art style with traditional designs. Characters look rather good with some unusual features resembling dolls a little bit. The environment is rich with 3D effects. There are a lot of objects with rounded edges, even paths are curved. Every detail looks like in real life or rather resemble it a lot. The soundtrack is one you will remember.

Gameplay: 5

Start on a new adventure with a Pokémon Trainer meaning that a player acts as a trainer which has to catch, battle, and trade Pokémon. The action takes place on the tropical islands which are situated in the Alola Region. Here you will participate in intense attacks, discover new countries and cities driving across the region in search of Pokémon. The game includes a choice of partners, but you should prefer only one of them. Think thoroughly who suits you to accompany in this adventure.

You want to be the Pokémon Champion, and that is why you take on the Island Challenge Trials. When you catch and train Pokémon you will find a secret of the Legendary Pokémon. Perhaps, you will be able to stop chaos which can destroy the land.

Controls: 5

During the game, you will see a lot of various screens. Use controls which allow you to perform needed actions. In most cases, the keyboard is used. Thus, in order to interact you should press A or you can easily select an option, which you have chosen, by tapping on it. Press arrows to move through the options in the menu. Indeed, it is not easy to remember all the rules. You are recommended to turn to the guide.

Replay Value: 4

This game is fun to play, you will agree with it from the very beginning.  You will travel around and solve the trials. That attitude will make you a better trainer. At the end of the game, a Pokemon totem will fight with you, and the result depends on your ability to react, on your power. You are to beat it, but in general, those battles are not the key trials. You will solve puzzles and even surf on. As you understand there is no time for getting bored. You will replay this game with pleasure and interest, because so many options remain unapplied and so many secrets – unrevealed.

The Bottom Line

This Pokémon Sun review is short, but still, you have got the comprehensive idea of the game. You can be sure that it will not waste your time because it is simplified so that you do not spend efforts to make moves which do not increase your score.


Download Pokémon Sun and achieve new goals which are really challenging making you to be completely involved..

Pros : Perfect graphics;
Interesting storyline;
Entirely new battle mode.

Cons : None of them.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.8

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