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Prodigy Math Game Review: Magic Math

Download the Prodigy Math Game to lay interest in exact sciences. Prodigy, a free game environment in which fantasy characters help to cope with tasks, will stimulate interest in mathematics for students from the first to eighth grades. It is not just an educational game, as there is the opportunity to create a teacher or parent account to select tasks and monitor the educational progress of the class.

Graphics 4/5

The graphics of Prodigy Math Game bright and attractive for children. For adults, the game is unlikely to be interesting. But the children are offered a fascinating journey into the world of magical, funny creatures that will help them solve the puzzles of mathematics. Sometimes screens are glitchy, do not load properly, or completely crash, which will undoubtedly lead to disappointment when children have to return to where they were.

Gameplay 4/5

Math can be fun with this game. Prodigy is a free math game that has a lot of fans among children and adults. Prodigy provides a unique learning experience through an interactive math game where success depends on the correct answer to math questions on skills development. Children will have the opportunity to receive rewards for their accomplishments, complete quests, and play with their friends and classmates.

Get lost in this game, because it also has a lot of extra narrative plots and places that are not related to mathematics, where you can play and explore. Rewards and treasures are often given more attention than the tasks themselves. The Prodigy game can be the right mix of adventure and math practice.

Prodigy includes all major math topics to help students prepare for standardized testing. With the help of diagnostics, the platform automatically distributes students to the necessary clusters. Teachers will be able to communicate with students in real-time. They will easily understand what skills their students have mastered and where they may need additional support.

Controls 4/5

The game is intended for children, so management should be appropriate. In general, there is nothing complicated in the game except the math itself. Control can be dealt with fairly quickly, as children will be given an explanation and tutorial due to which children learn how to play. Prodigy Math was designed to be easy but challenging for players. Game projects that teach mathematics do an excellent job of their fears of complex computing.

Replay Value 3/5

The replay value of this game could be higher. Indeed, in reality, the material passed has not been disturbed by anyone yet. Besides, before exams and tests, you often want to repeat something and make sure that you remember everything you need. Unfortunately, in this game, it is almost impossible. If you use the free version, some of the content will simply not be available to you. Also, there may be no incentive in the form of rewards and pure curiosity, so this is not the best game to re-study.

When you compare this game with other math games, this game pales in many shades.


The math game Prodigy is pretty simple in concept, but it's a good math game to try if you want to learn math while having fun. With its cute pixel-graphics style and dozens of mini-games, math lessons don't have to be boring anymore. However, most of the shortcomings of the Prodigy Math Game are related to in-app purchases. Paid membership requirements block most of the content that you find in the game. It can be frustrating to try to play only by discovering that you cannot try the mini-game or feature because you are using the free version..

Pros : Teaches math;
Good variety of mini-games;
Colorful pixel graphics.

Cons : The free version is limited;
Replay value is low.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 3

Average : 3.8

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