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Tracks – The Train Set Game Review: Your Own Train Erector Set

Tracks – The Train Set Game is an indie simulator of building a toy railway. In fact, it is nothing more than an editor because there are no modes other than creative ones in the game, there is no need to compete with anyone, there are no passengers. The economic component of the game is also absent. Download Tracks – The Train Set Game to get an amazing charming train erector set in which you can give free rein to your imagination.

Graphics: 4

The graphics are done very well. They are developed in a way that creates a toy-like look that gives a nostalgic appeal. Tracks – The Train Set Game gameplay is also accompanied by relaxing music. If you have a great imagination, the game can last for hours.

Gameplay: 3

Tracks – The Train Set Game has wonderful models of trains and tracks made of wooden parts. You can design the tracks as you please, set the scenery using buildings and different vegetation. This is a simple meditative sandbox that sends you back in the times of your childhood and allows you to relax.

Of the interesting things, perhaps, there is the creation of truly diverse tracks with elements like suspended spirals and air sections, as well as the opportunity to ride around what you have created in the driver’s cab. There are no goals in the game. All you need to do is design and think creatively.

Controls: 4

In the game, you will find a fairly simple and intuitive interface and convenient kits for the construction of railways. A large number of various wooden locomotives and various types of levels will allow players to create a route of their dreams and choose the right environment for them.

Replay Value: 3

The game doesn’t have great replay value. According to the Tracks – The Train Set Game review, you should not expect much from the project. When downloading the game, many players spend several days building the scenery, but then they get bored doing the same thing.

The Bottom Line

Tracks – The Train Set Game is a cute game that will help you have a relaxing pastime. Playing Tracks – The Train Set Game, not only you can build railways for yourself but also share your creations with other users using the Steam Workshop. You can manage your railway, fulfilling all the conditions for comfortable movement of passengers. You will also have to find a balance between vehicle speed and stability to transport heavy loads safely and efficiently.


The game is recommended for those who like to relax and do something calm and contemplative, as well as for everyone who misses playing toy railways and steam locomotives. Download Tracks – The Train Set Game and you will have a lot of fun if you like trains..

Pros : The creation of truly diverse tracks with elements like suspended spirals and air sections;
The opportunity to ride in the driver’s cab.

Cons : There are no goals;
There is no gameplay as such;
The cost of the game is $19.99 plus there is additional content for $4.99.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 3

Controls 4

Replay Value 3

Average : 3.5

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