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There’s Poop in My Soup is a funny game that lets you do just as its name suggests. Hard to resist, it lets one go ‘poopy’ everywhere, whether in a box or on an ice-cream.


The graphics are sharp and endearing.  As you start the game, human characters with oddly long necks walking the streets of New York will totally amuse you. The pop of colors and flying poop across the screen can keep you glued for hours. Be it a maple tree, cars rolling, people strolling, etc. the game graphics seem realistic. Moreover, pooping in and on public gets extra-hilarious as you fix your aim in a spotlight.


There’s Poop in My Soup is an interesting game that offers a complete dose of humor and entertainment. It’s an arcade-style game which offers you a ‘To-Poo List’ basically telling you where to poop. Once you poop on each object and person on that list, you move on to new goals or you can return back to improve your score. In the game, you crouch and bend up and down to shoot out poop which is in the air till it ends in someone’s soup or on some object.

This game is anything but disgusting with more or less simple objectives where you get to throw a Poop Bomb down the inanimate objects and the unsuspecting crowd which explodes only to make you laugh a little harder. It also has a competitive edge with you comparing scores with that your friends on the leaderboard. The game is fairly simple with just a few places with a greater number of objectives that are trickier than others.


Ten minutes into this humorous game, you already feel like a pro given its simple-to-use controls that make you want to stay and play for some more time. You have to just use the WASD keys to set aim where you want to drop the poop. And then, once you press Space, you can fire a poop shot. To make it even more fun, you can hit the F key for the bombing.

Replay Value

It’s unusual to aim at things with something filthy but There’s Poop in My Soup just makes it full of joy. It gives you short bursts of laughter every now and then with you dunking poop to unlock more poop or gaining more people to poop on. If one seriously gets through the entire game in about 2 hours, they get back to it for the unbelievable concept and amazing humor.


There’s Poop in My Soup is a light-hearted game with an uncommon concept. Shooting out poop definitely makes it a little dirty but can leave you with bouts of hysteria. With easy controls and appealing graphics, hitting and exploding objects with poop will be one of the best game experiences. It packs some pleasant gaming hours which make you feel happy and makes it just a buck even at the full price.


If you are up for a good laugh over some silly aims, then the gameplay of ‘There’s Poop in My Soup’ is something that you shouldn’t miss..

Pros : User-Friendly Controls and Amazing Graphics
Good Entertainment Value

Cons : The Frame Rate Gets Rough Sometimes

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 3.5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.0

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