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Stonehearth Review: Build Your Own Town

Download Stonehearth and you will play the game which sounds, looks and runs in a perfect way. Here you will have to build a town, unlock and upgrade jobs. Though, the area is shallow meaning that you do not construct an airplane with technical details, but we would say the game is well done. If you prefer realistic and more complicated one, you will hardly like Stonehearth.

Graphics: 5

The design is made mostly of cubes. The interface is user-friendly with a handful of buttons on the screen which are clear and do not require any explanation. It is easy to start. The images are full of details and rather cute. Objects and creatures are not realistic but recognizable without a doubt. Colors are bright. So, we would say that graphics are really cool with that particular charming art style. There are soundtracks which definitely serve the purpose. It is relaxing where it must be, but it creates tension at the right moments.

Gameplay: 5

There are several things you can do within this game. First of all, you are suggested to build your own town having almost nothing. You are provided with strength and wits. Start with a camp which step by step turns to a town and then you will transform it into a new civilization. This perspective is not limited with any requirements as to material you use and constructions you erect. Apply your imagination and create! Make plans, define the area, which should be used, place zones on this land. To build any object, you should use such materials as wood and stone which must be gathered and mined. Then you can expand your world. Inhabitants of your village, town and civilization will grow too. They improve their skills, change a form of activity, learn various crafts. And, of course, they have to fight with unfriendly creatures which are a real threat to your new happy world.

Controls: 5

In order to perform various movements, you are to follow the instructions. On the screen, you will get various menus and buttons which should be clicked in order to go deeper into the menu or to choose the needed option and approve it. You can drag some boxes to the place where it should be. So, a player’s actions are simple, but there are a lot of menus and choices helping to achieve the result.

Replay Value: 4

Replay value is not too high. Taking into account a low speed of the process, not everybody will have the desire to replay a level. But still, there are a lot of advantages which prevent getting bored. There are plenty of jobs available for people. There is a range of choices which change the result and motivate you to start from the very beginning.

The Bottom Line

This Stonehearth review invites you to create a city which will shelter and comfort its population becoming better and smarter every day. This game is a relaxing sandbox where you can build and harvest smoothly without much difficulty.


Download Stonehearth and succeed in managing the charming city-builders in order to create beautiful and prosperous civilization..

Pros : Stylish graphics and efficient sounds;
Lovely building process.

Cons : It is rather slow;
No achievements, single objective – to build up.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.8

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