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SimplePlanes Review: Construct and Fly

Download SimplePlanes and start constructing aircrafts. You are offered the tools needed for various operations. Build your airplane's body, establish engines, add wings and design the whole airborne vehicle. Now it is ready to fly.

Graphics: 4

Graphics are perfect, though, someone does not admire it a lot because planes look like wooden toys. But we insist that this game with a fantastic design is really well made. When you are involved in build mode, you will find seemingly endless possibilities, and that is able to hold attention for hours.

Gameplay: 5

Being a flight simulation this game is perfect. There are more than 100 000 airplanes which can be downloaded for free. You can find some old machines like the WW2 bomber or prefer next-generation fighters. If you create your own airplane, you are welcome to take it. Modding is supported meaning that you can create your own environment, use any suggested parts for construction.  Mind that even slight change in design will impact on the way this airplane flies. 

You should take into consideration lift, weight distribution, drag, thrust. If something is wrong, a flight can become at risk of interruption, but the fun will continue. It is possible to fly with a missing or broken wing. All depends on your ability to aviate. Those challenges will entertain you for a long time. Developer offers unity package with particular tools which are needed for designing and construction. 

You have options allowing you to share the result with others. Level of customization is very high. Your dreams or nightmares can come true with those opportunities. You can ease the process, for example, building one side of the aircraft and use a mirror tool to repeat the same design for the other side. But you can decide on mish-mash and hope for the best. Why not?

Controls: 5

SimplePlanes is not as easy as you would like probably. But if there are some questions, you can ask other players within the community taking advantage of the website. Developer has basic rules which are expected to be followed and tutorial being extremely helpful. In order to make basic steps, use your keyboard. For instance, press C to change camera. In order to increase or decrease throttle choose 1 or 2.

Replay Value: 5

The replay value of this game is high thanks to a huge amount of crafting possibilities. You will never get boring having hundreds of hours on steam. Customize everything you want and express your phantasy or perhaps you are able to apply particular knowledge in this area. The choices are really wide.

The Bottom Line

In SimplePlanes review we have revealed just several aspects of the game. It is much wider including building and simulating modes. There are a lot of additions which broaden the horizons.


Download SimplePlanes and fuel your interest in aviation! Enjoy building and controlling various models of airplanes constructed with your own hands..

Pros : Detailed and realistic graphics;
Clever gameplay.

Cons : Rather complicated controls.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

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