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Rat Simulator Review: Rats Rule

Rat Simulator is a fun survival game where you need to play as a rat to create a mess and annoy humans. You are supposed to infect houses in the neighborhood, get rid of people and create your own rat paradise. Rat Simulator download is available for such OS as Windows 7+ and requires 3 GB of space.

Graphics: 3

The graphics offer quite a realistic experience, but we can’t say that it’s impressive. After all, the stealth game of such type doesn’t really require an extraordinary visual picture.

Gameplay: 4

In this role-playing Rat Simulator game, your task is to spread the plague across the neighborhood and get rid of the humans. There are nine houses the inhabitants of which need to be infected. People can stop you on your tracks, so you need to be careful and do everything to avoid being detected.

You have objectives written for you such as to eat a specific number of food products and destroy a certain number of valuable things. Not all objects can be broken, so you can simply scatter them around the house. Humans can detect doors opening or objects being destroyed, so you need to be careful not to reveal your presence in the building; otherwise, pestmen will be called to kill you. Defeating the leader of the pestmen will help you claim the neighborhood to be your territory.

You can shoot with poison and temporarily stop humans from attacking you. Saving trapped rats is also a part of your mission. You may gang up with fellow rats to infect as many houses in the suburbs as possible. You can choose upgrades as you go and your capabilities may get boosted.

Controls: 3

The rat can jump, pick up objects, throw things, and more. The controls are not super intuitive and would need some improvement but once you practiced enough, the controlling of those rat movements will become quite easy.

Replay Value: 4

There are different levels of difficulty to select so if you started with easy level, you will want to come back and go through the stage of normal difficulty and then reach the point when it is hard. If you managed to beat every level, you still might want to come back for more playing whenever you feel like you need some stress relief in the form of harmless mischief in the body of the rat.

We should also mention in this Rat Simulator review that developers could work a bit more on increasing replay value since some players say that the game with time becomes repetitive and some new features would be welcomed.

The Bottom Line

The game is definitely fun for those who don’t feel appalled by rodents and who would like to become a rat for a while. Some minor improvements would be great but generally speaking, the game is definitely worth giving a try.


In general, the Rat Simulator game is entertaining enough to get you lost for several hours without noticing the time. It has a fun factor, which makes this game light-hearted and appealing to those who are in a mood for some harmless misbehaving..

Pros : Fun game;
The unusual experience of role-playing;
Great time-waster and stress-reliever.

Cons : Some users find the controls to be too sensitive while some gamers think that the; controls are not intuitive enough;
Replay value could be higher.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 4

Controls 3

Replay Value 4

Average : 3.5

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