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Prison Architect Review: Full Truth About Prison

Download Prison Architect – an amazing game, which can be compared to such a well-known one as Dwarf Fortress and Bullfrog Productions. This is construct-and-manage simulation allowing you to master your building skills together with manager’s talents. It is really very interesting being brutal and gentle at the same time.

Graphics: 3

While the content is rather interesting though it is not too fun, graphics leave much to be desired. Though it performs rather well without making you wait or declining your commands. In general, there are a lot of moving parts, meaning that every session you will have a new environment and as a result a fresh set of potential problems.

Gameplay: 5

Here you will admire emergent storytelling and can play in various modes.  

Sandbox mode is one of the most popular. Your main task is to build a Maximum Security Prison and manage it. The prison is located in the beautiful countryside. You have to wake up early and get involved in a big deal. You have a group of workmen and help them to lay brick. You do not rest and don’t let them do it. Everything seems to be serious, but here the fun can really start. In addition to cells, a canteen should be built. Also, you need a guard room and infirmary, a toilet and workout space. Well, now all the things are confused. Perhaps, you need execution chamber too? And of course, it is important to think of patrol routes. You have a hefty bank account and a wide choice of tools. You will maintain your prison in order.

If you choose Escape mode, be ready to dig a tunnel, and slip out in the darkness if you are lucky enough. Choose any way to escape you want and do it. Or choose Story Mode. In the beginning, you will hear a story of one prisoner waiting for the electric chair. In general, you will know a lot of information about various characters and moments of prison life. That is an interesting idea to fill in the game with such a context.

Controls: 5

Controls are easy to remember and use. You can read tutorials which are strict just as it is needed to understand the key moments. Though, Prison Architect is characterized with a perfectly usable, and convenient interface so you can cope with all menu and buttons without much help. In addition, you can relax due to a deep level of micromanagement. Still, there is a space for freedom, and you will be able to take advantages of such options like making plans for the future, pausing, speeding up, and slowing down the game.

Replay Value: 5

Replay value is definitely high. Being a kind of simulations, it is rather complex, so you will hardly succeed in it from the first time. You can keep focused, but you will never find all the achievements and choices provided by the developer at a heat. It can be hard to understand the rules, but you have instructions which will lead you to the right decision.

The Bottom Line

This Prison Architect review is detailed enough in order to give you the idea of the game. You will enjoy a mixture of anecdotes and activities. If you do your best to understand the rules and played carefully, you will understand the horror of this theme connected with darkness.


Download Prison Architect and you will understand that this game is really complicated. Even challenges depend on your understanding of the tasks..

Pros : Satisfying builder game;
Perfect gameplay.

Cons : Lack of joy;
Poor nonsandbox options.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.5

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