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Passpartout: The Starving Artist Game Review

Are you a painting buff? Then step into the shoes of a French artist who is trying to make and sell his art pieces to cater to his addiction to wine and baguette.

Graphics: 4

The graphics are pretty amazing and the detailing of objects and characters further elevate their quality. You mostly get to play in the night mode and thus, the lighting has been done perfectly. There are various characters that come to your painting arena and all of them have been amazingly designed. There are various environments where you get to paint, for instance, art gallery, open space in the streets of Paris, etc. All in all, the animated graphics of the game do not fail to impress you.

Gameplay: 4.5

The game revolves around its protagonist who is a French artist. In order to satiate his need of wine and baguette, he paints for the art lovers. While many discard his work labeling them as gibberish, there are others who find his work commendable. The latter category also places bid on the paintings and even purchase the same.

The game is all about your creativity. The more you put to use your creativity, the more you can visualize, and the more you can paint and earn. It is easy to convince for a purchase to those who love your work. However, when it comes to the art connoisseurs who are hard to please, it is all about battling with subjectivity without losing your own artistic integrity.

The more you earn in the game, the more you get to unlock the elements. These elements range from fancier galleries to new customers. With Passpartout, you get to experience and explore the French Art World.

Controls: 4

More than control, it is about your grip on the controls that matters the most in this game. Passpartout is all about painting and you, as the gamer, can do it with the help of your mouse. As a blank canvas pops-up in front of you, you can paint your imagination over it with your mouse. Just choose any color and brush size before putting your artistic thoughts on the canvas. Once completed, you can name your artwork with the help of your keyboard.

Replay Value: 3

As mentioned before, if you are an artwork enthusiast, this is one such game that you shouldn’t miss. There is no one storyline that starts and comes to an end in few hours of the gameplay. In fact, based on your creativity and imagination, the game can last even forever. Once you are done with a painting, you get to sell it. Your curiosity to earn more makes you replay it again. The negative feedback further motivates you to improvise your skill and make any painting all over again.

The Bottom Line

‘Imagination and creativity are the limits.’ This is one such phrase that this game brings to life. Take a brush, choose a color, and let your visualization flow on the blank canvas. Done with the painting? Planning to store it? Then wait! Showcase it to the common folks of France loitering around and let them place a bid on your work. Sell them to not just buy wine and baguette but unlock many other features and elements of the game.


Either draw masterpieces and get popular or become forgotten once and for all. Try your luck and creativity at Passpartout: The Starving Artist..

Pros : Lots of Galleries and Environments to Unlock
Soundtrack from Groovin' Dinosaurs Synkronosaurus

Cons : The Negative Feedback May Hurt You For Like Real

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4

Replay Value 3

Average : 3.9

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