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Oxygen Not Included Review: Live to Survive

Download Oxygen Not Included in the case that you want to play a base-building survival strategy game. It was released in 2017, and yet it can be updated. The game is fun and full of the task which can be just of the same kind but still playing is interesting.

Graphics: 5

Graphics are great in this game. You will enjoy the environments and all items which you create. Characters are animated and look extremely good. Various activities are supported with decent music and nice sound effects warning that things go wrong.

Gameplay: 5

There is a space colony which suffers from lack of oxygen and warmth. The inhabitants live under constant threats. Player is expected to save colonists and help them to grow and become prosperous. Almost a single idea of the game is to gather resources as much as possible in order to make the colony larger and more protected. You have to ensure the survival of the population which is known as duplicants. Almost all of them dig to gather resources which are needed to build the environment and resupply the already built houses. It is very important to keep duplicants from stress they are rather sensitive and react in a destructive way on it though you have to do anything you can to keep them happy. So, you will manage your population, recruit them. In general, there are a lot of things to do: filter toxic gases you get when pumping in oxygen.

Controls: 5

You can control everything in this space colony. There are various tasks and actions, like resource allocation and excavation. In order to perform all that is needed, you should use key buttons and menu displayed on the screen. The game includes an efficient research system, which provides you with essential knowledge which will maintain the colony. There are keyboard shortcuts which can be customized as it is convenient for a player.

Replay Value: 4

You will definitely get satisfaction when playing the game with really huge replay value. You will be hooked on this game. When or if your colony fails due to heat or food famine, you will start again trying to avoid the previous mistakes. By the way, maps are generated procedurally meaning that there is an opportunity to set up a similar base every time you start the game. Another strong point is auto saving at every cycle, providing a chance to correct a mistake if there is one without a need to start from the very beginning.

The Bottom Line

This Oxygen Not Included review describes the life of one unique space colony with its peculiarities and restrictions. Help them to survive and feel happy managing all the process inside.


Download Oxygen Not Included and enjoy the great game about the space colony which is fun and addicting. Here everything depends on you..

Pros : Wide choice of survival resources;
Strong challenge – to survive;
Rich graphics.

Cons : Can be overwhelming;
Tutorials are not perfect;
Poor objections.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.8

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