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Mother Simulator Review: Try Yourself in the Role of a Mother

Mother Simulator is a simulator for newly-made parents. Taking care of a newborn is an extremely difficult task. Try yourself in the role of a parent who is gaining experience caring about the child. Download Mother Simulator, a humorous project in which each new level will offer increasingly sophisticated and complex challenges. The game requires a 64-bit processor and OS such as Windows 7, 8, or 10.

Graphics: 4

Mother Simulator is made in 3D. You can study in detail the location and the main characters. The developers have created high-quality graphics that make you feel like you’re really caring about the baby. You will get a lot of pleasure from the process. The game will also help you kill time while waiting in queues, riding public transportation or during breaks at school.

Gameplay: 3

Mother Simulator free to play is a game for a personal computer in which you will find yourself in the role of a newly-made parent. You have to love your child, have a good reaction, and be very patient in order to overcome the difficulties that await you. Those who can go through all the difficulties will get the main prize – a sweet smile from your baby.

Mother Simulator gameplay is presented in the first person and with the ability to interact with the environment. You have to go through all stages of child care and try to achieve a good result. However, the child himself will be quite spoiled and disobedient so it won’t be that easy. Once you install Mother Simulator, you will gain a large amount of useful knowledge and skills that you will probably need later on.

Controls: 4

Interaction with the child in this Mother Simulator game is carried out by using the tools to control virtual reality. Choosing the desired object, make the appropriate manipulations that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay, feeling full contact with the environment. Practice the accuracy of actions and interact with objects, better understanding the mechanics of the simulator.

Replay Value: 3

Mother Simulator will show the daily routine duties in the care of a child. According to the Mother Simulator review, girls are most likely to enjoy the game. You will be able to penetrate into the main troubles of the parent and learn how to properly feed the baby, iron clothes, etc.

The Bottom Line

Mother Simulator free download game is a fascinating project that covers all the subtleties and features in the care of the baby. Each level includes training for further levels. Each time the task is getting more complicated, combining with the previously performed exercises, which will not let you get bored or forget what you learned.


Even though the game may seem very easy with seemingly ordinary tasks (to feed the child, put him to sleep, change the diaper, etc.), taking care of a child is a very responsible and unpredictable task, so download Mother Simulator and get a lot of fun..

Pros : There are good color schemes and graphics;
The game is very similar to real life with its problems.

Cons : It is a bit difficult to control the game;
Some instructions are hard to follow.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 3

Controls 4

Replay Value 3

Average : 3.5

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