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MO8 Monster Prom Review: You Have Only Three Weeks to Date

Monster Prom is a dating simulator with competitive elements. Download Monster Prom and apply your dating strategy to achieve the result in three weeks or you will lose. We should inform that narrative flaws hold the game back a little bit. The game isn't free, you can buy the Monster Prom on Steam for the price of $11.99.  This indie game is available for Windows 7 or higher, MAC OS and Linux. More information about Monster Prom's system requirements you can find on the download page of the game. 

Graphics: 5

Graphics in comic-book style are really nice. The fun concept is supported with great visuals. You will see beautiful art with plenty of details. Monsters are designed in quite a stereotypical style that is good within dating simulators because a player is looking for some ‘type’ of person. At the same time design of all characters is individual including facial expressions which add to the comedy. Every monster stands out with its peculiarities inspiring you to fall in love with it. Though, competitive Monster Prom’s gameplay mechanics is not perfect and can spoil the things. There is a pleasant soundtrack.

Gameplay: 5

You are suggested to play multiplayer with up to four players going through funny situations. Having only 3 weeks you should have a date. It is not a problem to find a couple for almost a month. Do you really think so? But what if you are a monster! Now the task turns to be more complicated. The good news is that your environment is packed with monsters. You will navigate a character which is going to romance another creature to accompany him at his high school prom. You should talk and communicate to impress the other player.

Choose a partner answering a short quiz establishing your stats. Even if you like the other one, in the beginning, you will be offered a monster matching you in accordance with that quiz. That is a restriction. Start looking for the way to his or her heart. And do it quickly until someone else succeeds. Your task includes seduction, and that is really fun to watch the way you are suggested to do it. If you take the right decisions, you earn rewards and unlock items increasing your chances to be loved. The monsters are different with fun characters. You will hardly manage to get to know all these characters better for such a short period, so you will play it by ear. Some of the characters just come across being not very attractive behaving badly, and there is no time to know them better again, and that is an issue of replayability. Just start all over again.

Being focused on the humor of low quality the Monster Prom game isn’t the best within this aspect, because the really sexual humor is not appropriate as we suppose. Though, the comedic style is clear.

Controls: 5

There are mechanisms allowing you to navigate a character in the way you want. Just use your fingers to tap on the screen and follow the instructions or make choices are suggested to do.

Replay Value: 5

Monster Prom review is convincing enough as to high replay value of this game. First, when you communicate, you are offered to make dialogue choices and that, as you see, changes your result step by step. If you fail to win, you can start again and try other variants. You will replay just because you will want to know characters of the other monsters.

Bottom Line

Believe us it is not so easy to get a date for prom even though you have a perfect competitive setting. Mind that this game includes mature themes and naughty words. You will hardly like it if you are not ready to accept bawdy scenarios. You can buy Monster Prom for the price of $11.99 on Steam.


Download Monster Prom and enjoy playing the game in the whole and quirky mini-game..

Pros : Nice colorful design;
Fun jokes;
Interactions between the players outside the game.

Cons : Little tactical gameplay;
Poor narrative;
Rude dialogues are possible.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0

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