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Metamorphabet Review: Gorgeous Visual Effects

Download Metamorphabet and you will learn that there is an interactive alphabet. The game is not only for kids. It is for all ages. You can make almost everything you want with letters, and you will see surprising transformations.

Graphics: 5

Graphics are perfect indeed. When you play the game, you will think as you are on a surreal journey, and perhaps the graphics here hold the only value. Images are really fantastic. Touching the letter “A”, you will make it change becoming an arch, which ambling about and so on. Transformation of letters will lead to writing a word which is pronounced at the end.

Gameplay: 5

There is an alphabet which behaves in a strange way. Letters start moving and changing into words. You can return to letters seen before, but it is important to unlock the whole alphabet in order to continue. Tapping all the time. The letter will turn to a monster. Touch its mouth, and you will zoom it in. Every animation comes together with sound. Thus, if this game is used to teach children, they will learn new words easily and widen new vocabulary without tension. This is not the only game of this kind, but here the graphics are so quirky that you’d better prefer this one. So, indeed, you can consider this app as educational. The game consists of 90 words.

Controls: 4

Controls are simple. Almost all actions are performed by tapping once or twice. Navigate around the application and find out all its secrets. Sometimes, you can be asked to drag. Try all version while playing or read the tutorial and learn the details. By the way, here you cannot choose a letter randomly. 

Replay Value: 5

Replay value is not too high. This game looks like a kid’s toy; that is why you can play until you are tired of it. There are no particular achievements and challenges. Enjoy stunning images and magical transformation. This is really a creative idea which is worth to be mentioned. Even being highly educative it remains playful and not only instructive.

The Bottom Line

Even after our Metamorphabet review, it is not easy to judge this game as bad or good. Just enjoy unusual things which happen. Even adult players will feel trippy a little bit when every tap they make causes a kind of magic on the screen.


Download Metamorphabet and get a unique experience in the form of surprising animations full of charm..

Pros : Stunning graphics;
Easy-to-use interface;
Gentle clear pronunciation.

Cons : Lack of challenges;
Only American English.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

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