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Joy Pony Review: Take Care of Your Pony

Joy Pony is a game in which you need to take care of a pony and raise it from the baby to an adult. The game was released on Steam on August 15th, 2017. Download Joy Pony to have a pet you have always dreamt of.

Graphics: 4

The graphics in the game are very bright and colorful. All the ponies look cute. There is peaceful music that accompanies the Joy Pony gameplay. What is happening on the screen is really of great interest, and a variety of details will not let you get bored. The game is made in very high quality. It is beautiful and interesting.

Gameplay: 4

During the Joy Pony game, you are invited to take care of cute horses. You will get to the farm where you can find all the necessary items for taking care of the animals. After you start playing, two horses will appear on the screen, which will express various desires.

A pony may want to eat, drink, play or bathe. It is necessary to quickly take the desired item from the top row and give it to the horse. For each correct action, you will receive reward points. When the specified number of points accumulates on the game account, you will proceed to a new level.

In the game, you need to act very quickly. The delay is dangerous because the horses will be very unhappy. If they do not get what they want for a long time, the game will end in a loss. But if you act quickly and correctly, you will be able to constantly acquire new ponies and expand your farm. It is very interesting to play Joy Pony.

Controls: 4

It is very easy to control the game. You will have the opportunity to have up to 12 ponies, make your ponies unique with different hairstyles, hats, and accessories. There are 4 pony breeds in the game. You will also be able to arrange your house by moving furniture as you like, painting walls, and making new rooms. And there are a lot of toys for ponies.

Replay Value: 4

The replay value of the game is moderate. According to the Joy Pony review, many players would like to see some development to the gameplay. Once you raise the pony, there is nothing exciting else to do. Players will have to go through the whole process of raising a pony. Among the actions that you will have to perform quite often are feeding, caring, washing, bathing, and entertaining your pet in all sorts of ways.

The Bottom Line

This game, made in a cartoon style, is simply designed to lighten the mood and delight you. You are offered to create your own pony. You can change everything – starting with a smiling face and ending with the tail and mane.

You can try to make a pony, similar to one of the characters of the animated series, or go your own way and create a completely unique character. In this game, you can let your imagination fly and follow it, developing creativity, making non-standard decisions, and creating a unique character.


Even though the game requires some improvements, in general, it can bring you a lot of fun and become addictive. Download Joy Pony and you’re guaranteed to have a great mood..

Pros : Colorful graphics;
The game is not very expensive;
A lot of things you can do for a pony.

Cons : Simple mechanics;
The gameplay needs to be improved.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.0

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