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HuniePop Review: Look out! Strong Sexual Content

HuniePop is a dating simulation game of that kind that is extremely popular in Japan. Here you will have to seduce plenty of beautiful women. Download HuniePop game and find out more about personalities available within the plot. You can buy HuniePop on Stean for the price of  $14.99. Based on the HuniePop's system requirements, you need to have Windows XP or later, MAC OS or Linux Ubuntu and  2 GB RAM. 

Graphics: 5

Since,  HuniePop release date is September, 2015, graphics are rich in details and realistic. The game looks and sounds really very good. Puzzle visuals can involve you entirely like Tetris, you know. Being clear and simple it is full with dating sim elements in the anime style. Characters well-drawn, animated with plenty of expressions. There are fully-voiced dialogues and pleasant tracks here.

Gameplay: 4

In this game, you will have to have sex. Do not be surprised – this is the final result which provides you with a high score or rather larger number of affection tokens allowing you to reach the specified threshold. There are additional types of tokens for other purposes. The goal is to sleep with girls you are able to seduce. But due to HuniePop puzzle gameplay, it will be not so easy while a process of flirt is rather amazing. You are expected to give gifts to girls like and perform various actions.

In HuniePop simulation game you navigate an unemployed male or female – you can choose. Your character plays video games all days long. One night he (let it be male) visits a bar and meets a stunning brunette who changes everything in his life. She gets you into a sexual relationship. The story is primitive. Challenges are rather poor. You meet the next girl, ask her out for a date and have a sexual intercourse without listening to her stories. It sounds a little disappointing. But you will certainly like the strong personalities of twelve girls you are suggested to meet. You will enjoy smart conversations sometimes on the slightly vulgar side.

Controls: 5

In order to navigate your character and follow the instructions displayed on the screen, you should use the mouse and a button Esc. If you have some difficulties with understanding, turn to the manual easy to cope with. Make a right click, and you will get access to the game menu.

Replay Value: 5

HuniePop review is not overloaded with detailed information about events and challenges. You can start playing and learn more about them. But the game is really well done, and characters attract attention, so if you fail to date with everyone, you can restart and continue. You can unlock a lot of hairstyles and outfits, make 50 photos of girls including bedroom scenes. And do not forget about upgrades. So, you really have a lot of things to do here.

Bottom Line

This HuniePop dating simulator provides you with some dating lessons and strong animated sexual content with 8 girls and within a lot of locations. Here you can apply over 250 items including gifts and accessories for customization of girls’ appearance. Plenty of lines of dialogue is an additional bonus.


Download HuniePop if you want to enjoy a good puzzle game with rather realistic pornographic scenes..

Pros : Perfect animated design;
Smart conversations;
Refreshing and addictive simulator.

Cons : Repetitive challenges;
A lot of sexual scenes.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

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