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Gold Rush Review: Time To Dig In

Gold Rush is a game that allows you all the excitement of mining gold. You can download Gold Rush for your PC from Steam.

Graphics: 5

The graphics used in this game are simply amazing. We can hardly imagine the amount of work that had to be done on the graphics to make them so detailed and realistic, given the sheer number of machines and equipment pieces available in the game. The visuals certainly add a lot to the game’s uniqueness and charm, and that’s something we all enjoy.

Gameplay: 4

Playing Gold Rush is very exciting at first, but the novelty wears in after a while. Of course, you still have a lot of machines to buy and use, and the game has enough tricks up its sleeve to spice things up every once in a while. You need to be very careful with what you do and how you set up your machines because once you’ve progressed through the initial stages, the game gets more and more serious. Making a mistake would likely cause you to lose a lot of money and be unable to keep up with the challenges for a while. For instance, taking out a loan and not using the new equipment properly immediately results in your inability to pay the loan back. This, in its turn, has a negative impact on everything else you can do in the game. Some players may view this as an additional challenge and be excited about it, but if you’re more of a casual gamer, you may end up feeling a little stressed out by the demanding gameplay.

Controls: 4

Controlling the machines is challenging at times, so you really need to think and plan your actions to have them function properly. At times, you make mistakes because the game is still a little glitchy, and that can get annoying if you play for an extended period of time. However, that’s nothing a future Gold Rush update couldn’t fix.

Replay Value: 4

Currently, the game offers a decent incentive to keep playing it again, as there are so many machines to buy and explore. However, you’re bound to get bored just grinding for more money and buying new stuff at some point. We think a multiplayer mode would really bring more life into the game, as you could have fun with your friends and use machines that are impossible to operate on your own.

The Bottom Line

Gold Rush is a game with a lot of potential, and it’s up to the developers to realize it or not. We think it’s definitely worth checking out, but don’t expect to get so immersed you’d spend hours playing Gold Rush non-stop. It’s more of a slow-paced experience where you have to deliberately stick to grinding to unlock new features.


You can download Gold Rush if you have a relatively new and powerful machine, or if you don’t mind experiencing some occasional bugs and glitches while the game is still in development..

Pros : Very cool, realistic graphics;
Lots of stuff to explore;
Requires strategic thinking.

Cons : Gets monotonous after a while;
Only runs smoothly on very powerful PCs.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.3

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