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Euro Truck Simulator Review: Calm Driving

Download Euro Truck Simulator and enjoy a perfect example of the genre. Realistic vehicles will drive you along beautiful landscapes from London to Rome, Madrid, Berlin, and plenty of other cities.

Graphics: 5

When you download the game, you will appreciate perfect graphics with picturesque roads and other traffic participants. Cities, which you will go by or through, look like real ones. Trucks are very detailed. They are equipped with working tools such as flashing indicators, lights warning about the level of fuel, temperature, and so on. You can choose between the Mercedes-Benz Actros and the Renault Magnum. There are other brands and models which are designed with a high degree of authenticity. We would say that graphics are just as it should be: being neither poor nor too much. There are pleasant sound effects and music.

Gameplay: 4

First, you are supposed to choose country of departure and start your journey. Choose a truck among 40 unique vehicles to drive, switch on radio station offering country music non-stop 24*7, and start on a trip. Pick up your cargo and do your best to deliver it at the right place and time. Your task is to make money, of course, it is clear that for your work you are paid. Thus, you have funds which can be spent on new trucks. Choose more powerful and fast vehicles, do not forget about battery life, you are interested in it to be greater.

As any simulation, this game becomes repetitive rather fast. You can feel a lack of events. For instance, it would be cool if the developer suggests transporting some particular or even illegal goods, then the cops will try stopping a truck… or any other plot full of actions. But instead, you will drive along roads and just relax. Why not?

Controls: 5

Control keys can be reassigned in the menu of the game. You can use a keyboard, or combine it with mouse, joystick or gamepad. You are able to start, break, horn, steer left and right, shift up and down, apply cruise control and do a lot of other things. There is a clear manual which should be read before start playing.

Replay Value: 3

You cannot count on heavy replay value here. Though, you almost have no challenge in this game just quiet playing, still, it is so addictive that you will replay it a thousand times. Driving along the scenic route and making deliveries you will just forget about your everyday routine in real life and relax.

The Bottom Line

This game is amazing with perfect design and simple controls. We recommend after reading this Euro Truck Simulator review try it by yourself. Mind that the trucks go rather slowly.


Download Euro Truck Simulator for starting on a virtual tour around Europe passing the cities and forests, listening to music and following the road traffic regulations!.

Pros : Realistic and nice graphics;
Updates support.

Cons : Rare software bugs;
Repeated scenery that can be boring.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4

Controls 5

Replay Value 3

Average : 4.3

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