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Dodgeball Review: Not Easy As You May Think

Download Dodgeball is a multiplayer game. This small version repeats the classic variant in details. You will enjoy this activity when you need to kill your time and improve your reaction.

Graphics: 5

Graphics are good. Every map is designed in a stylish manner. And every new update brings improvement.

Gameplay: 5

There are two opposing teams which can interact in various modes on different maps. Rules are just like in real-life dodgeball. You have to throw a ball at any player to eliminate him/them or refuse to do it and keep a ball to block ones thrown at you or dodge the balls. There is a chance to catch those balls if you manage to do it and give to your teammates. There are also special balls which are endowed with particular options. They can blow up, for instance – a perfect tool for blocking. If you need you can apply the option of AI bots and play with it instead of real players. If there are some questions as to the gameplay or rules you can turn to other players which discuss this game in the online forums actively.

Now, this product is popular regardless of the bugs which you can face. The developer does his best to polish the game and add more content in the future.

Controls: 4

Controls are simple even without the tutorial. You should direct the players pressing arrow keys or WASD. You can jump, slide, throw a ball, sprint or fake throw. These are all actions. Success depends on your ability to react in a fast manner being always on the watch – you never know who is hiding where.

Replay Value: 5

You are offered various game modes. Try to do simple things in Classic mode. The most attractive variant is Team Deathmatch or tries Handball. Anyway, you will get satisfaction from playing. To diverse challenges apply various maps. You can throw the ball in a school gym or on the surface of the Moon under conditions of low gravity. As you understand your choice will change the level of difficulty and result of the game. Or speed up the updates try Early Access and provide the developer with feedback.

The Bottom Line

We hope that our Dodgeball review will make you gather friends together and launch the game to have some fun. It is a very nice tool for cheering up being developed in particular for friendly competition.


Download Dodgeball, play regardless of other participators online and remember how it is played in reality. You will see there is no difference almost..

Pros : A lot of maps and choices.
Nice graphics.

Cons : Need in very fast reactions.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

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