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Disassembly 3D Review: Find Out What It Is Made Of

Download Disassembly 3D and find out more about the design and configuration of everyday objects. Here you can take almost everything apart with your bare hands.

Graphics: 5

It is really miracle when you see that an object is split into parts in slow motion. Every item is detailed to the highest extent, so you are free to disassemble it completely to a dot! You can use this app on a device with various screen orientations. Images have ultra-high resolution textures looking very bright and clear. Another cool feature is real-time dynamic shadows. You will admire the graphics.

Gameplay: 5

You can destroy almost any object here. There are 51 items ranged in groups. You will find appliances, furniture, electronics, plains, and other things. If you like physics, this game will certainly impress you. Also, you are suggested to use these objects, for example, you can enjoy driving cars, piloting plains. When an item is disassembled, you unlock a bomb mode and explode something just for fun. For more visual appeal you can apply Stereoscopic 3D or Virtual Reality mode. It is a real pleasure to cope with those components and learn how the things are made. You can integrate the result within Facebook sharing it with your friends.

Controls: 4

Controls are rather simple. Main actions can be made only with a couple of movements. Touch the object and drag a part you want to take off. All achievements are connected with disassembling, but there are other actions like destroy, remove, even cook a chicken in a microwave. There is an instruction which will help to understand the way to perform an action, but you can find it a little bit hard to control due to lack of details.

Replay Value: 5

The game is very engrossing. You can try six levels without any charge, but we believe that you will hardly refuse to buy the next ones via in-app purchases. Though, it is a good idea to replay those free levels as far as there are a lot of details which can be missed. High replay value includes various alternative methods to disassemble a thing. You can refuse lasting experience and have fun blowing it up in the snap of a finger!

The Bottom Line 

We have tried in this Disassembly 3D review to get the message of Ultimate Stereoscopic Destruction sim. For today this is a one-of-a-kind game based on physical laws with a realistic design.


Download Disassembly 3D and get universal application simulating disassembling and destroying. It works on any mobile device..

Pros : Hint button for finding the remained parts to disassemble;
Frequent updates and new options;
Perfect graphics.

Cons : Possible difficulties with controls;
Lack of free items to disassemble;
Adds preventing playing.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

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