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City Car Driving Review: Prove Your Skills

Download City Car Driving and find out more about a perfect new car simulator. This is a nice opportunity to master your driving skills especially if you need more experience of car driving both in а big city and the countryside.

Graphics: 5

The design is nice here. You will admire high-quality graphics with all those landscapes, streets, houses, and roads. Every object is highly natural. The car models look extremely realistic recreated in detail. You will drive on a clear and cloudy day, even when it is rainy, or there is fog. There is no restriction as to driving in the morning or at night. Everything is possible! The game immerses you into driving. The physics of a car movement and its state is very real.

Gameplay: 5

This game is full of features. First, you are offered to drive in a large city, and that is not so easy because a lot of people do not feel confident within these conditions. You will face heavy traffic and a lot of really complicated road crossings. With this simulator, you will be able to refuse that fear and drive even a real car along urban roads. If you are not strong even in basic driving, you’d better try training which is intended for driving school students. This is for those who have not ever sat at the wheel. Be careful not to confuse car controls. Start developing your basic driving skills right now. The developer has thought of practice at the examination providing players with advanced exercises which can be performed on the particular freshly equipped autodrome. Those manoeuvres will make you more confident and help getting rid of fear. This game shows heavy and unique traffic, true behaviour of road users and other aspects.  You have not left alone; you will get advice in order to avoid violations. Your history is kept on the "Statistics" screen.

Controls: 5

There are a lot of various features and functions which should be performed. You can choose a car and location, start a car and select a starting point. There are so many options that you will hardly remember all of them by heart. You can fasten your belt, start the engine, put gear, press or release the brake pedal. To return from a chosen place, you’d better press the “Exit” button which will be found in the appearing menu.

Replay Value: 4

You are offered several modes: Career and Free Driving. Also, there are a lot of rules and restrictions when you play within both modes. The hints on how to get scores can be found in the guide. Follow them carefully. Even if you fail to do it, you can restart and play taking into account the mistakes you have made.

The Bottom Line

Read City Car Driving review and go for a ride. Advantages of this game include a large choice of various road situations. This is a realistic car driving which will satisfy your demands, we believe.


Download City Car Driving in order to prove that under different conditions you are a skilled driver..

Pros : Cool and detailed graphics;
Records of every driving session;
Screenshots are available;
There are control settings.

Cons : Quite expensive.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.8

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