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Castle Story Review: Nurture Your Strategic Genius

Castle Story is a strategy game that revolves around building castles and defending them from all kinds of attackers. You can download Castle Story for your PC from Steam.

Graphics: 5

We really enjoyed the Graphics in Castle Story because they’re fun, colorful, and surprisingly detailed all at the same time. In some way, the graphics remind us of those used in Minecraft and similar games, but these ones are more refined and cartoony rather than strictly geometric. Overall, the graphics did contribute a lot to our positive impression of the game.

Gameplay: 4

The game itself is fun to play even though it’s a little overwhelming in the beginning. You need some time to figure out what exactly you’re supposed to do, so your initial castles and their defenses might not be that great. However, once you’ve figured out the basics, you can really sink your teeth into the strategic aspect of the game and get the most out of it. Having gathered some experience in single player mode, you’ll want to explore the map editor and multiplayer mode to enjoy Castle Story fully.

If you’re playing Castle Story on a PC that’s a couple of years old or generally not too high on specs, you might notice that the game stops running smoothly after a short period of time. It may also cause your PC to overheat, so be sure not to overload your system if it can’t handle Castle Story properly. This is likely a result of poor optimization because the graphics shouldn’t be too challenging for most modern PCs and laptops.

Controls: 5

The gameplay controls in Castle Story are as simple and uncomplicated as they could be in a building game. You’ll be able to memorize them and focus your attention on building amazing castles in no time! You also have the option of remapping some keys and customizing the controls if you don’t like the default scheme.

Replay Value: 4

Castle Story gets a lot more challenging and exciting if you play with friends. The single-player mode may entertain you for a while, but eventually, it gets old playing against the AI all the time. If you play with friends, you can use the powerful map editor to create custom levels and see how resistant to enemy attacks your castles are going to be.

The Bottom Line

Castle Story is a good game with a lot of potential and a few shortcomings. The main of them can be summed up as a lack of proper optimization, so running it on a lower-end PC may get tricky. If a future Castle Story update fixes this issue, this game is a clear recommendation for all strategy genre fans out there. Be sure to play Castle Story with friends to get the most out of it!


If your gaming PC is a midrange or high-end machine, feel free to download Castle Story and start constructing your defenses!.

Pros : Fun graphics;
Powerful level editor;
Exciting multiplayer.

Cons : Playing solo may not be for everyone;
Poor optimization for older/slower PCs.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.5

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