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American Truck Simulator Review

Experience the life of an American truck driver in the terrific gameplay of American Truck Simulator. Explore new places, undertake new delivery jobs, and do much more with your ‘American Mighty Beast.’

Graphics: 4.5

Branding the graphics of the game as high-quality won’t be untrue. It is not merely about the graphics of the truck that matters but it is the overall environment that counts. Right from the city structure to the traffic, roads, buildings, night scenes, dawns, everything boasts of quality graphics. The cutscenes, playing the game from the first-person view, and playing the game from different camera angles all elevate the gaming experience by several notches.

Gameplay: 5

If you believe that American Truck Simulator is merely about roaming in the entire city in a truck, then there are hidden gems in the game that you need to explore. You don’t just play American Truck Simulator, you experience legendary trucks of America and utilize them to deliver cargoes across various American states. Get to see some of the breathtaking landscapes of the country as you embark on a journey in your truck.

Other than delivering cargoes to manufacturing units, gas stations, road work, etc. there are other things too that you can do. Utilize the money earned to purchase more trucks and garages. Hire new drivers and build your own company.

Want to change the look of your truck? There are numerous customization options that you can leverage to do so. Change the color, ornament your truck with tattoos, change the chassis, go for a more powerful engine, etc. Done with the customization? How about taking the picture of the same? There is an in-built camera feature that lets you do the same easily.

Controls: 5

The control of the game is pretty easy. Accelerate the truck with the help of forward or W key. Turn it left and right with either ‘A’ or ‘D’ or with left and right arrow keys respectively. With the ‘back’ arrow key or ‘S’ key, you can apply brakes. However, in American Truck Simulator it is not about the controls, it is about how patient and skilled you are when it comes to taking the cargo through the city to your destination and efficiently parking your truck with it.

Replay Value: 5

This is one such game that holds a tremendously high replay value. A plenty of different cargoes to choose from, multiple trailers to drive, a plethora of customization options, all combine to give an amazing playtime to the gamers. In fact, the environments such as sunny California, magnificent Grand Canyon State of Arizona, and sandy Nevada also glue the gamers to the game for a long time and make them return to the gameplay again and again.


Plonk on the seat of an American truck driver and experience the country from his perspective. Struggle through the country traffic to deliver the cargo. Drive and park safely so as to shield your cargo from any damage. Earn money and invest the same in the customization of your beast. All in all, involve in a game that is full of adventure, thrill, and of course, traveling.


Experience what it feels like when you are behind an American truck steering wheel only in the adventurous and fun-packed gameplay of American Truck Simulator..

Pros : Lots of Challenges in the Game
Get to Operate Your Own Business

Cons : There Are Routes Which are Quite Long and Same Bring the Gamers to the Monotonous Zone Soon

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.9

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