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Airport CEO Review: Become the Boss of the Entire Airport

Airport CEO is a simulation video game where you get a chance to have a realistic experience of managing the airport in all aspects of its functioning. A player can develop infrastructure, arrange flight schedules, hire staff, design multiple floors, build terminals, and more. You can download Airport CEO game if you have Windows 8+ or Mac OS X. The game’s release date was on the 28th of September 2017.

Graphics: 4

Very often simulation games are pretty much cartoon-styled. Here, what we have is realistic graphics with sharp logos and rich colors. The amazingly-designed picture helps you easily get submerged into the world of airplanes. Graphics are user-friendly and you can easily enjoy the 2D perspective from a bird’s eye view while being able to see every little detail.

Gameplay: 4

Your aim is to manage the airport by making clever strategic decisions in order to create favorable conditions for all passengers to have the best flying experience. You need to make sure that all operations at such an intricate system as the airport run smoothly and, most importantly, safely. When managing your airport, you will have to perform various tasks, from controlling expenditures and customizing flight schedules to designing and building runways and terminals.

Being a CEO, you are responsible for all possible aspects of mega-structure. As you play, the airport grows and the facilities need to be expanded. The functioning of air control towers, taxiways, catering stations, fire service paths, fuel stations, and plane aprons has to be fully optimized. Signing contracts with airlines is a source of income, so smart business decisions need to be made in order to generate more passengers and develop stable relationships with both airlines and travelers.

Controls: 3

The game can be played using the arrow keys, the mouse, and keyboard shortcuts. It might take some time to learn the functions of keys, but after you get the hang of it, you will manage the controls easily.

Replay Value: 4

The replay value is high because airports are complex mega systems and various management scenarios are in abundance. A player may want to come back to the game and try to architect the airport differently or perfect current layouts and increase the efficiencies. Besides, developers work really hard to improve the game by eliminating bugs and regularly adding new features. The devs’ ambition is to expand the game to such extent that Airport CEO becomes the best Tycoon game of all time and this increases the replay value.

The Bottom Line

Our Airport CEO review is based on real game experience so we can say that this game deserves a big credit. With Airport CEO, you can get to know how it feels to be the boss of the entire airport. The game is a detail-oriented simulation with a high level of playability and functionality. The current Early Access version of Airport CEO offers a good mix of realism and fun gameplay.


If you like all that is related to airports, enjoy playing simulator games and are brave enough to put your management and leadership skills to the test, Airport CEO is the game that is definitely worth trying..

Pros : High level of detailing;
The simulation is realistic and deep enough for the Early Access;
Developers encourage community involvement and actively make adjustments according to the feedback.

Cons : The game is in the Early Access stage so some bugs and glitches happen.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 3

Replay Value 4

Average : 3.8

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