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911 Operator Review: Walk In Emergency Manager’s Shoes

Download 911 Operator and learn how difficult it can be the work of managers of emergency services. You will be answering calls and arrive at a decision as fast as possible to provide a caller with help.

Graphics: 5

Graphics are very good in this game. You can apply settings which permit various screen resolutions and quality. Choose what you think best for you at the moment. There is also a possibility to set windowed mode. Here you are suggested 12 types of vehicles like helicopters, and police cars and a lot of other objects which make the game even more interesting.

Gameplay: 5

In the game 911 Operator, a player acts as an emergency dispatcher. His task is to deal with people who call to ask for help. It is very important to act rapidly. But this is not the only thing to do - to pick up the phone. You are to understand the situation in a proper way and react. Sometimes this is a matter of life and death. You will solve the problems of other people and feel in shoes of real emergency employees. Do not forget that a person on the other side of the line can go through rough times and be filled with despair. So, it is vital to find proper words. Try and see whether you will cope with all that.

There are achievements. You can order a Smile when you receive a strange call. It is better than if you ignore it. When you get 100 points, you will get a Community Policing Medal. But it is not simple at all, this is a rather difficult task. This bonus is available when special events occur in Campaign mode.

Controls: 4

Controls are diverse here. You can move camera right, left, up and down, apply zoom. You can submit and cancel the action. It is possible to increase and decrease the speed of time if you get some problem. The time control device is placed at the top of the screen. On the screen there is a menu, a unit list can be found at the lower left corner. There is red dart with time. In order to get things straight, you’d better read the tutorial.

Replay Value: 5

Replay value is very high. There are so many calls, cases and cities where your help can be needed. You will never be bored checking out thousands of cases all around the world. There is Free Play mode when you can choose a city, get a downloaded map with streets and addresses which exist in reality. You will see the real emergency infrastructure. In addition, there is the Career mode, where the events are predestined. There are 6 cities with special disasters like an earthquake and bomb attacks. As you see, there are so many scenarios and choices that you will play this game forever.

The Bottom Line

Having read this 911 Operator review, you will understand that the game is very close to reality. You should be careful providing a caller with instructions and remember about security. Good luck!


Download 911 Operator in order to give a needed piece of advice, first aid instructions, suggest the number of firemen or police and, perhaps, to ignore the incoming call..

Pros : Perfect gameplay;
High replay value;
Dialogues inspired by real calls.

Cons : Units are limited;
Internet connection is needed to download maps.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

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