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Hello Neighbor Review: Your Childhood Nightmares Are Waiting For You

Hello Neighbor is a first-person horror game about a nosy boy who wants to find what his strange neighbor is hiding in the basement. Made by Dynamic Pixels, Hello Neighbor has high reviews from gamers and millions of downloads across the world. You can download Hello Neighbor first act for free and check whether you want to play more.

Graphics: 4

The graphics of Hello Neighbor is far from perfect. Numerous Hello Neighbors reviews underline the lack of quality in graphics. There are no details in the scenery. The colors of the mobile game are worse than its PC version. However, if to compare with other games of a similar genre, even Hello Neighbor Android and iOS editions look great. It is vivid and entertaining. The main attraction of the game is still in its gameplay, after all.

Gameplay: 5

There are three acts in the game. Hello Neighbor gameplay starts with a boy named Nicky trying to sneak into neighbor’s house. He believes that something terrible is happening in the basement. The first act, which is a free one, finished with the neighbor Mr. Peters catching Nicky in this basement.

You are playing against smart AI, that follows every step you make. In Act 2 you manage to escape and continue to search around the house. There are lots of puzzles you have to solve, and some of them, are pretty illogic. Since Hello Neighbor free of charge offer is over, and you have to pay for the whole package to continue playing, it is better to understand if you need this game during the 1st Act.

The story of the neighbor reveals only during the 2nd and 3rd Acts. Hello Neighbor horror game begins even more horrific. In the final act, you get all the keys to still unsolved questions.

Controls: 4

Hello Neighbor full game for mobile platforms has some bugs and problems with navigation that you need to know. For example, the rotation widget is glitchy from time to time and can turn you to the side you need after a short pause which is enough for the neighbor to catch you. Another problem is with transporting you to the exact spot. You have to be careful with touching the display as it is really sensitive and may send you right in the neighbor’s arms.

Replay Value: 4

Hello Neighbor Android game does not really have high replay value due to the linear scenario. You can go back there from time to time, but after you win it once, everything in the game will become less exciting to you. There are numerous mini-quests and puzzles, rooms you can explore and the way you can refresh the game in the process. But, Hello Neighbor game is a story, and it must be told from the beginning to the end.

The Bottom Line

Hello Neighbor PC version is a little bit better than its mobile version. It was created at first and it offers better graphics and easier controls. At the same time, Hello Neighbor for mobile has the same gameplay and can be played whenever you are. The game is interesting and mysterious. You will not even notice how quickly you become obsessed with the neighbor’s story.


Hundreds of users download Hello Neighbor every day, trying to uncover neighbor’s secrets. Now it is your chance to join them!.

Pros : Intriguing secrets of neighbor;
Free of charge 1st Act;
Puzzles and mini-quests.

Cons : Glitchy on mobile;
Graphics are poorer on the phone.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.3

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