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Secret Neighbor Review: Stealth. Tactics. Horror.

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer survival game for PC. You’re offered to play for two sides. You can be on a team of brave children who sneaked inside the scary house. Or you can be the ominous Neighbor who is after their little souls. Download Secret Neighbor and pick sides!

Graphics: 4

Secret Neighbor game continues the tradition of the series. We have the same Burtonesque setting with colorful, but bizarre 3D decorations. As soon as you’re in the house, you realize that something is off here. Unwashed curtains block the windows. Disproportionate items are scattered everywhere — you risk tripping and falling down. But the old-fashioned chairs, floor lamps and grandfather clock are good to lurk behind.

Audio comes in a fine tandem with the visuals. Small acoustic details — footsteps, doors squeaking, someone’s breathing — produce an eerie atmosphere. Besides, such a creepy feel is a good tonic: you just have to be watchful.

Gameplay: 4.5

This Secret Neighbor review attests to the game as a hybrid of terror, survival and hide-and-seek. There are two teams to join. The ‘prey’ team consists of little rascals who snuck into the Neighbor’s house. Their goal is to fight their way through to the basement. But to achieve it, they must find keys first.

The ‘hunter’ team is a one-man band. You play as the Neighbor himself. Your aim is to either snatch little intruders one by one, without getting hurt or keeping them busy with ambushes and pitfalls until the time runs out.

The kids’ team has 6 classes: Leader, Scout, Brave, Bagger, Detective and Inventor. Each class has unique skills. For instance, Inventor can assemble a toy rifle, and Detective has some valuable Intel on where the keys are hidden. As for the Neighbor, he has two personas: a regular weirdo with the mustache and a demonic clown. The latter allows him to get disguised as in-house objects.

Controls: 4.5

Secret Neighbor play online has standard PC mechanics. To throw an object, select it with E and aim/throw with RMB. To disguise as a child, press T. Remember, that due to Secret Neighbor gameplay, characters are a bit clumsy, especially when running.

Replay Value: 3.5

Secret Neighbor latest version has a lot of fun to offer. Its outsmart-them concept is refreshing, so you will want to try to fool more and more opponents with your devilish tactics. The bad thing is, there’s only one arena, one mode and little side content in the game so far.

The Bottom Line

Secret Neighbor game can be a kickass choice for online playing. This is a game where tactics, cunning and good nerves are crucial. This is a game for a true stealth ninja. Or a patient and Machiavellian hunter.


Download Secret Neighbor and be a preying hunter. Or a hunting prey. Your choice.

Pros : Multiplayer;
Custom skins;
Hero classes;
Big arena;
Creative gameplay.

Cons : Limited content;
Treacherous glitches;
No Secret Neighbor Android;
Sometimes disruptive multiplayer.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 3.5

Average : 4.1

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