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Minecraft Review: Create Your Personal Paradise from Blocks

Minecraft is a sandbox indie game about building everything around you in order to survive or because of your loving to create something new. The game is versatile and has several various modes for players. By the end of 2019, over 113 million players have already downloaded Minecraft.

Graphics: 5

Minecraft graphics are the first thing you recognize. The game stands out from millions of other similar sandbox games by its colorful 3D graphics. It should be mentioned in this Minecraft review, that without blocks, the game would probably never become so popular. It is simple, completely made of blocks, and reminds us of good old constructors we played when we were kids. Minecraft world is almost empty, waiting for you to come and fill it with buildings.

Gameplay: 5

Minecraft's full game does not have one single gameplay. It offers several modes to play in. You can choose the one you like. They all united by the urge to construct various items or habitations from blocks. Another thing that describes Minecraft gameplay is the first-person perspective. No matter which mode you choose, you will be the main character in the game.


Survival mode. The most dangerous mode in Minecraft iOS mobile game. You start the game without any sources and have to gather wood and stones to start building.

Creative mode gives you access to all the resources you need. You receive unlimited opportunities, including flying around the map. Your vital indicators do not matter here.

Adventure mode is similar to Survival. You travel across the world, take part in various adventures.
Spectator mode allows you to simply watch the game without taking part in it. You can teleport to other players to see their building progress.

Controls: 4

It takes time to learn all the possibilities that this game provides. But, no matter if you are in Survival or Creative mode you have to know how to use instruments. It is better to learn controls staying in a safe place, without danger to your life. In Survival or Adventure modes you can freeze to death, die from thirst, starvation, exhaustion. There are wild animals and zombies that may kill you as well.

Replay Value: 5

Minecraft game has a high replay value due to the numerous modes you can play. Every mode does not have a logical end, so you can always come back there and play more. If you believe that you are done with building one city, you can search for another territory that will be perfect for your new construction. Minecraft sandbox game offers never-ending possibilities to you with constantly updating features.

The Bottom Line

Minecraft system requirements are minimal, and the whole install process is quick. After that, you become a part of the Minecraft community, can make new friends, and follow seasonal releases. Minecraft game exists from 2011 when it was released by Mojang. Since that time, it does not lose its attractiveness, and significantly increased the number of platforms for players. Now you can play Minecraft Android and iOS mobile versions, as well as old-fashioned PC Windows and macOS.


Before you start downloading Minecraft game, think whether you really want to spend days and nights mastering your skills in construction, creating new civilizations..

Pros : Unique design;
Various modes;
Evergreen gameplay;
Easy to learn controls.

Cons : It is not free of charge.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

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