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Grand Theft Auto V Review: Rule the Criminal World of Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto or GTA V is an adventure game with high-speed races and three criminals who want to get rich by all means. Los Santos still amazes players with its realistic graphics and attention to every detail. Download GTA V to start your journey into an illegal business.

Graphics: 5

Graphics of GTA V are extraordinary. It is award-winning and has millions of fans. The areas of San Andreas' fictional state and the city Los Santos become one of the main attractions for players. We have to mention in this GTA V review, that San Andreas state is based on Southern California, and Los Santos has numerous similarities with Los Angeles. Detailed graphics give the opportunity to look for the resemblance between both cities.

Gameplay: 5

The GTA V Gameplay was accepted as controversial from the beginning. It is well-developed and entertaining, but there are still moral aspects we can’t ignore. You have an option to play either from a first-person perspective or third person. You can choose whether you like to walk or drive the vehicle. You take under control three main characters, and on separate missions, you choose only one of them:

  • Michael De Santa, aka Townley, a former bank robber who faked his death. Now he lives in Los Santos with wife and two children. He has a long history with Trevor Philips, and after some time to renew their friendship, robbing others.
  • Trevor Philips has an extra ability to deal out additional damage. He is mentally unstable, growing up in an abusive family. He is an old friend of Townley, and constantly forgives him betrays.
  • Franklin Clinton is an ex-gang banger. He is the most ambitious among the three of them. He has the ability to slow down the time while he is riding somewhere.

Controls: 5

GTA V game has intuitive controls. They are easy to learn, especially if it is not your first game in the world of GTA. All you have to do is try to adjust to the speed of the game. GTA V action game was specifically designed for fast speed. If you feel uncomfortable, start with simple tasks, follow the story, practice your skills. The gameplay will progress together with you.

Replay Value: 5

GTA V has a linear story, but you can choose the end by yourself. While you are playing the GTA V game you forget about everything. It is so fresh, amazingly fast progressing and intriguing, that you begin to worry and sympathize with the main characters. There is nothing boring in the game. Its dark side is partly making the game so great. Payers want to try their own boundaries into committing crimes and living on the other side of the law.

The Bottom Line

GTA V Android and iOS mobile game has the same quality as the PC version. There is a GTA V online version that allows you to play as one of 30 players or 2 spectators. You will not get tired of the game. But you will definitely have your favorites there, the characters you want to play again and again.


Downloading GTA V you receive unlimited access to Los Santos realms and its opportunities. Don’t waste them, like many before you..

Pros : Well-developed graphics;
Interesting gameplay;
Believable characters and stories;
Easy navigation.

Cons : You are playing for bad boys;
The game is not free.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0

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