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Bad North Review: It’s Fun on the Other Side

Bad North is a game that somehow manages to combine strategic planning, unit management, and minimalism to create a truly unique experience. Download Bad North on your Switch and enjoy this awesome game today!

Graphics: 5

Indie games often feature cool, experimental graphics that contribute a lot to the game’s overall atmosphere, and that’s exactly what’s happening in Bad North. The almost-cute, minimalistic graphic style is not something you’d expect from a real-time strategy game, and yet it works surprisingly well, creating a truly unique aesthetic.

Gameplay: 5

Playing the Bad North game always feels a bit chaotic because there’s so much variety to the gameplay. You lead different kinds of troops, the Vikings attacking your island have different abilities and weapons, and you can also find or purchase special items that enhance your troops’ abilities and do other cool things. As if that wasn’t enough to confuse a newbie player, Bad North also procedurally generates the island anew every time you play, which means that you always get to defend a different island with a random landscape and set of buildings. The buildings host your population and have to be protected from enemy fire, but they can also be incorporated into your defense as each of them has its own unique features and properties. Fortunately, the game never throws all of this chaos at you at once, as you only get to play with several types of troops, enemies, and buildings at one time.

Controls: 5

The Bad North Nintendo Switch version offers two types of controls. If you’re playing on a big TV, all you have is your controller. This gameplay control scenario works just fine, but playing in handheld mode gives you the ability to use the touchscreen controls along with the physical ones, which makes certain actions much easier and more fun to perform.

Replay Value: 5

With numerous types of troops, Viking enemies, and structures to defend, not to mention the unique randomly generated islands, Bad North does offer a lot to keep you playing. Sure, at some point you’ll get familiar with all the units and buildings available in the game, but the randomly generated islands and landscapes are always going to present new challenges and hurdles.

The Bottom Line

Bad North is another amazing game from indie developers proving that sometimes you don’t need a huge team to come up with a great idea and brilliantly execute it. It strips away a lot of unnecessary features and gameplay mechanics to merge the core aspects of a good RTS game with minimalistic graphics. The result is Bad North - your endless source of fun bite-sized battles that challenge your strategic thinking and keep you entertained for hours.



Pros :

Cons :

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0

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